2015 Fendt Catalog

2015 Fendt Product Catalog

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Michigan-made Fendt concrete block, brick paver and wall stone products are available through licensed dealers across the state of Michigan and northern Ohio.

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"Hewn Face" Concrete Masonry Units Offer Time-Honored Look

Take a look at Fendt’s Hewn Face Blocks for a time-honored, hand hewn appearance for residential or industrial building projects. Our Hewn Face Blocks add the character and charm of old-world craftsmanship with the added advantage of custom colors and modern block quality and consistency.

Call a Fendt specialist for more information on Hewn Face CMUs at (248) 474-3211!

Fendt Precast Concrete Masonry Lintels

In residential and commercial buildings of concrete masonry, precast lintels are often used to span openings in the walls. These horizontal members function as beams in supporting the weight of the wall, as well as other dead and live loads over the openings, and transmitting these loads to the adjacent masonry. Flexural strength, shear strength, and deflection are critical to the design of lintels.

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